WrestleMania 32 Results: Match Cards and Predictions

WrestleMania 32 Results: Match Cards and Predictions: We will announce the winners of WrestleMania 2016 on Sunday night as the match progress. All the highlights video will also be added with photos of the fight. With a record audience set to witness the biggest pay-per-view of WWE viz. Wrestlemania 32. The WWE has managed to put on a jam-packed match card to treat the hardcore fans likely to fill the AT&T Stadium, Texas. This Wrestlemania is a guaranteed success with mouthwatering contests all over the crowd, an expected crowd of 1, 00,000 is likely to have a night of the lifetime when they witness the hell breaking down on them.

WWE creative has made feuds out of nowhere and has the main event like matches all around the card, the buildup is done and on Sunday, it is time to deliver.

A legendary match for the power struggle, a ladder contest for intercontinental title, an ego clash of legend against a “rookie”, this match card is exciting as it has never been.

Dean Ambrose v/s Brock Lesnar

WrestleMania 32 Results

With the recent turn of events, the WWE is switching to the past antics of The Attitude Era. With the inclusion of F-word and b*tch in the recent RAWs and hardcore brawl with blood- the WWE is likely to be reconsidering their take on the PG constraint. This reconsideration could well turn out to be the greatest thing for this “No Holds Barred Street Fight” which promises that the performers could come out with all their guns blazing.

Brock Lesnar being the beast that he is and Dean Ambrose being a lunatic this match is going to be a beat down for both the men. The experience of Ambrose in these matches from his CZW days could well come in handy. Paul Heyman being on the ringside, this match has all the ingredients to be an ultimate beatdown contest and Brock is likely to bleed as he often does in these type of matches at big occasions. The monstrous booking that WWE has offered to Lesnar since his returns, the one in twenty-one and one is unlikely to stay on the mat for three counts.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship- Roman Reigns v/s HHH

WrestleMania 32 Results

This match is likely to main event Wrestlemania. Based on the accolades of the two performers, the move set, the history, and the talent that the two possess- this match has all that it takes to be a main event of Wrestlemania. It’s been forever that the WWE is trying to replace John Cena as the top babyface of the company. The imposition of Reigns over the fans as their champion hasn’t been working. Until and unless, the creative come up with an extraordinary plot at Wrestlemania, a Roman Reigns win could well turn out to be a boo-event; as it has been at major pay-per-views like the Royal Rumble of 2015.

It is almost a sure thing that the Samoan Superman will win at Wrestlemania, after all, the investment that WWE has done. All us fans could root for is an out of the world return of the People’s champion to help his cousin or an impeccable turn of events giving Romans the Championship

Prediction: Roman Reigns wins.

Undertaker v/s Shane Mcmahon

WrestleMania 32 Results

Return of Shane Mcmahon has really stirred the pot of power struggle in the WWE. Though the father-son arrangement is still a little foggy on details, it has nowhere affected the hype around this match. Undertaker at Wrestlemania against anybody is a main event in itself.

The stipulations added to this match are numerous and crazy, which makes it an even more interesting battle at its core. Shane loses his inheritance, gains no control over his own father’s company whereas Undertaker has all of his legacy on the line, his streak of Wrestlemania his success of Hell in a cell; a loss for the taker means he never gets to step on his “own yard” ever again.

Where a section of fans does want the prodigal son to win, a majority of other sections may not agree. Being the legend that undertaker is, a loss will not do any harm to his legacy but will surely force him to call it quits on his career.

Prediction: Shane Mcmahon wins.

The Usos v/s The Dudley Boys

It is an injustice to the talent that is going to be a part of this match, as this match is a part of pre-show of Wrestlemania. A group of two established tag team, former multiple time tag team champions- the pieces in this feud fits well to deliver a match- worthy of being in the mid-card. WWE has failed to understand the caliber that the match possesses.

Talking about the match, The Usos and Dudleys are going to break havoc on each other. This match is expected to be a torch passing moment and it is very likely that the Samoan twins will come out with a win.

Prediction: The Usos win.

Total Divas v/s Team B.A.D & Blonde

With a fully fledged Divas revolution over the year, the WWE has booked another Divas match (other than the title match) at Wrestlemania, after what seems like a lifetime. Though the build up around the match was insufficient, but it still provides a good platform to the women roster to exhibit their talents. With the entry of Eva Marie in the mix, there is a possibility of subplot where she turns on her teammates during the match.

With women roster currently comprising of talented wrestlers in the likes of Summer Rae, Emma, and Naomi the Divas have a chance to impress the top management with a great performance. In- ring debut of Lana will also be a talking point, as the major section of fans still root for The Ravishing Russian.

Prediction: Total divas win.

United States Championship: Ryback v/s Kalisto

WrestleMania 32 Results

With the recent change in persona, Ryback is ready for yet another push by the WWE creative. The muscle man’s heel change has also given a new angle to his character. This is set as a random match with no proper feud developing between the two opponents. Individually too, neither wrestlers possess any momentum coming into the match. With the creative team looking to push Ryback, it is likely that Kalisto’s title reign could come to an end at the grandest stage of all.

Prediction: Ryback wins.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

In the inaugural edition of this battle royal at Wrestlemania, the projected them was to put over a talented young roster of wrestlers by using the iconic name of Andre The Giant. The first edition was successful in doing just that- in which Cesaro wins and since then he has become a fan favorite. In the second edition, however, WWE chose Big Show to win this battle royal; Big Show whose glory days are way past by and the fans wanting him to retire have no charisma left what so ever.

Being optimistic, and hoping that WWE is looking to put over talent of their huge spread roster; and also all the speculation surrounding Braun Strowman being looked to be pushed as a monster heel in the following year by Vince Mcmahon, a win for the Black Sheep or even his leader Bray Wyatt could be on the cards.

Prediction: Braun Strowman or Bray Wyatt wins.

New Day v/s League of Nations

This match is set as a Handicap match with three members of New Day taking on four of League of Nations. The title is off the picture and won’t be defended at the pay-per-view. This match could be high in entertainment quotient and it will not be surprising if the New Day pulls a rabbit out of the hat and adds a surprise new member to even the odds.

Since the WWE is looking to push the New Day as baby faces- a win is figuratively guaranteed for them; also, the League of Nations carries no momentum what so ever and a win for them will be impertinent and might bring out the BOOs from AT&T Crowd.

Prediction: New Day wins.

Charlotte v/s Becky Lynch v/s Sasha Banks

WrestleMania 32 Results

The Divas Championship is on the line in this highly anticipated Divas Triple Threat match. All the three Divas involved in this match have been promoted from NXT Division and are great performers with an unmatched charisma all around.

The match is going to be the testimonial of the Divas Revolution that has been going on in the WWE for quite some time now. Talking persona and talent, it looks like Charlotte’s character have been in spoil for quite some time now because of her father’s perennial overwhelming presence; other than that, both the other two Divas are worthy to hold the title and walk out the Texas arena as champions.

Prediction: Sasha Bank wins.

AJ Styles v/s Chris Jericho

AJ Styles is a seasoned performer and will be entering his first Wrestlemania. Yes, he has wrestled all over the world, but Wrestlemania is a different story altogether. Against a veteran like Jericho, this match could well turn out to be a masterpiece.

The storyline has been managed wonderfully by the WWE while Jericho delivering every time with the mic. His constant rampant recital of “AJ Styles” and AJ giving it back in style with “Y2 Jack-Ass” is sure to be heard during the match at Wrestlemania. This match could well turn out to be a see-saw affair, and a match to be remembered for ages.

Prediction: AJ Styles wins.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn v/s Dolph Ziggler v/s Zack Ryder v/s Sin Cara v/s Stardust v/s The Miz v/s Kevin Owens(C)

This match has not turned enough heads as it should have because of sloppy build-up. The obvious subplot is the age old rivalry between Kevin Owens and the returning Sami Zayn. This match could literally turn out to be an epic hardcore match with the body flying and crashing all around the ring and outside due to the presence of talented cruiser weights. With Zack Ryder replacing the last minute injured Neville, the fans of the Internet Champion will be delighted.

If the WWE creative is looking to build a feud between the former friends turned enemies KO and Zayn, the main contenders in the match could well turn out be these two. But with Ziggler and Miz in the fray, a surprise victory could be on hand. Apart from the champ and Zayn only Ziggler is likely to grab the gold as Miz has been a lost sheep for a long time on WWE and other superstars being irrelevant.

Prediction: Sami Zayn wins.