Should Women Tennis Players Be Paid Equal Prize Money as Men?

Should Women Tennis Players Be Paid Equal Prize Money as Men? The prize money for Female tennis players in all four Tennis Grand Slam events is equal to that of men. This trend has been successfully followed strongly since the past 10 years. In 1973, there was a group of Female players who raised their voice against the biased pricing rule. Their protest was fruitful as the US Open authorities were convinced in offering equal prize money amount to both men and women. But apart from these four grand slam events, there is no other ATP tournament in which Female are paid more than men. Thus, there is a great need to create a balance in the prize money offered to the women.

Should Women Tennis Players Be Paid Same Prize Money as Men

Reason Why Women Tennis Players Should be Paid Same Prize MoneyOne of the biggest reasons is that in the whole ATP season apart from the four major events (Grand Slams), there isn’t any event which equals prize money to men and women.

In the second-tier ATP tour events, male players are offered a prize amount that ranges from $50,000 to $6 million. But for the women players, this prize amount is very less that ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. This has forced the Female players in today’s time to play more tennis during a single season.

There are some ignorant ATP events such as Brisbane Open that do not invite the female tennis players. These are few examples which make it quite evident that measures should be formulated in order to create an environment of equality for both male and female players. Apart from this, there are other sports such as Cricket, football and hockey were Female are far behind. So women tennis should be backed up in order to boost up the moral of talented athletes.

Earnings for top 10 tennis players in 2015:

Earnings for top 10 tennis players in 2015

Effects of Equal Pay in Grand Slams:

After the US Open, the other Grand Slam events also took a further step in offering equal prize money to the male and female players. The Australian Open made it mandatory since 2001 for paying equal prize money to both the genders. The same formula was followed by French Open in 2006.

In Wimbledon, Female were paid a winning amount that was 90% equal to the value which was offered to the male counterparts. But after 2007, Wimbledon started paying equal prize money without any difference in share. This trend has increased the level of women participation in competitive tennis event. Since the 1990s and mid-2000’s there have been at least 7/8 Female tennis athletes who battle it out for the title.

If we check the career earnings of men and women tennis players then it is clear that the females lack behind. Thus, a rule should be properly amended in order to bring a state of equality in terms of prize money across all ATP events.

Prize money difference Men and Women:

Prize money difference Men and Women

5 Reasons Why Female Tennis Players should be paid equal to Men Tennis Players:

1. Female Players also work hard as Men Players do:

– Men play longer matches than Women
– Men players play Best of 5 Sets while Women play best of 3 Sets.

2. Longer games are not worthy of Higher pay:

As women play 3 set matches in Grand Slam that doesn’t mean that they will be paid less. And if Men play 5 sets that also doesn’t mean that they will be paid more. This way Football and Cricket players will be paid more.

3. Myth- Fans are always more interested in men’s tennis:

– As Djokovic said Men’s matches, in general, sell more tickets and attract more TV viewers.
– In 2015, the U.S. Open women’s tournament, the match between Serena and Venus Williams, sold out more quickly than the men’s tournament.
– In 2005, the Wimbledon final between Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport drew 1 million more viewers than the showdown between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.

4. Men get paid the same as women in figure skating and gymnastics:

According to Djokovic, Popularity of players means bigger paycheck will be given to them, then male skaters and gymnasts participate in sports in which Female side attracts more viewers should be paid less. While both earns the same amount of money for winning the championship.

5. Women Sports are less popular:

In 2013, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation research on that female sports received 7% of coverage and 0.4% of the total value of commercial sponsorships as compared to Men.

Men vs women Tennis Viewers and Money in 2015:

Men v women Tennis

Men v women Prize Money in Grand Slams:

SportEventPrize money in £ Sterling (Men)Prize money in £ Sterling (Women)Year equal prize money paid
TennisAustralian Open£1.45m£1.45m2001
French Open£1.3m£1.3m2006
US Open£1.9m£1.9m1973
Wheelchair tennis – Australian OpenN/AN/A
Wheelchair tennis – French Open£17,500£17,500
Wheelchair tennis – Wimbledon£12,000£12,000
Wheelchair tennis – US Open£6,800£6,800

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