New Premier League TV Rights Deal 2016-19 Announced

The English Premier League is one of the prestigious and famous footballing competitions of England. Over the years, this football league has gained worldwide popularity. There are around 4.7 billion global viewers for the EPL. This competition is one of the richest in the history of English football. All the matches of this league are broadcasted to more than 210 territories which make EPL a popular footballing arena. The television broadcasting rights for the live matches are chased by a number of domestic and international networks. The latest contract has been sealed for three years which offer a large sum to the Premier League and the competing teams.

New Premier League TV Rights Deal 2016-19 Announced

Domestic TV Rights Deal 2016-19

A crucial bidding session was held after which the new 3-year domestic TV rights were sold for a whopping amount of £5.136 billion. This amount is around 70% higher than the previous TV rights contract. There was a tough competition between SkySports and BT Sports as both tried to grab bigger packages. The competition got intense when international bidders Beinsports and EuroSport also started bidding huge sums. But in the end, SkySports managed to grab the major 5 telecasting packages. BT Sports also got the rights for more live matches in this new three-year deal. Also, there is an extra 13% amount included in the total price which has been charged to these networks for the highlight packages.

This hike in the domestic TV rights deal has benefitted each of the 20 competing teams in the Premier League. The prize money along with the TV rights revenue is distributed among the participating clubs. So, it means that a sum of £99m would be offered to every club regardless of their standings in the competition.

New Premier League Domestic TV Rights Deal

Package A (28 matches on Saturday lunchtimes @12.30pm)Package B (28 matches on Saturday Tea Time @ 5:30 PM)
Package C (28 matches on Sundays 1.30pm & 2.15pm. (15 first picks)Package F (14 midweek & Saturday matches)
Package D (28 Matches on Sundays @4pm including 18 first picks)
Package E (28 matches including 18 on “Monday Night” & 10 on “Friday Night”
Package G (14 matches on bank holidays & midweek with 2 first picks)
SkySports will show 126 matches per season on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and midweekBTSports will show 42 Matches – 28 Saturday 5:30 PM kickoffs & 14 midweek & Saturday matches)

This TV Rights deal makes it quite evident how the Premier League has a strong hold in English football and has gathered a huge audience. Apart from this, there are overseas telecasting rights which are expected to reach around £3 billion!