How many Women are Safe in sports then Men?

Sport is an integral part of the culture of almost every nation. However, it is not universally perceived as a suitable pursuit for women. Today in this article I am going to talk about the how unsafe women are in sports. Well, as we all know that Gender is a social construct that outlines the roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a particular society believes are appropriate for men and women.

How many Women are Safe in sports then Men?

How many Women are Safe in sports then Men?

You will be amazed to know that the rate of women backing out of sports from the age of 15 is twice the number of guys backing out of sports. When I gave a thought to this, I got to know that there are a lot of barriers that prevents women to continue their sports like they have been doing since childhood. When they turn 14, they start facing a lot of difficulties in the society which includes gender inequality as well. So for now, let me tell you all the problems encountered by women in the society if she belongs to sports background or want to continue playing and the reason behind backing out.

Why do women drop out?

There are some reasons behind this, but a few are highlighted below:

• The most common problem faced by women is safety and transportation issue, as we can figure out that girls living in the rural or some urban areas faces a lot of difficulties while travelling in the public transport, and there is always a safety issue with all of the girls in our country.
• Another major reason behind this is the transportation and accessories cost, as we all know that some accessories like badminton, tennis and swimming costume are quite expensive for those girls belonging to low-income families, and they had to drop out of their game because they can afford those sports accessories.
• In this era, girls are bombarded with the outer or external beauty they are or more interested in posting pictures on their social sites rather than practicing hard to pursue their career in sports, and that’s is the reason behind the fewer role models for women.
• Peer pressure can also be included in the reasons for backing out of girls.
• And last but not the least reason is the lack of access which includes absence in female trainers as many girls are comfortable enough with the male coach, and due to the lack of women coach they drop out.
So, in the end, all I want to say is, please do co-operate girls when they are interested in some sports and believe that they can perform well, and stop gender inequality.

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Injury rate per exposure based on sport in collegiate athletes from 1998 to 2004A December 2008 report states that 29,167 female high school soccer players in the United States suffered from concussions in 2005, compared to 20,929 male players.

SportInjury rate per 1,000 athletic exposures
Women’s ice hockey0.91
Men’s spring football (American)0.54
Men’s ice hockey0.41
Women’s soccer0.41
Men’s football (American)0.37
Men’s soccer0.28
Men’s wrestling0.25
Men’s lacrosse0.25
Women’s lacrosse0.25
Women’s basketball0.22
Women’s field hockey0.18
Men’s basketball0.16
Women’s gymnastics0.16
Women’s softball0.14
Women’s volleyball0.09
Men’s baseball0.07
All sports0.28