10 Sports Competitions with Highest Prize Money In 2016

In the present case scenario, Sports is known to be the most lucrative industries of all times. Today most of the top level sportsmen from the different sports are millionaires and money is definitely a driving force amongst youngsters showing the keen interest in sports. Here we have come up with a list of top 10 sports competitions – Leagues or the tournaments with the highest prize money in 2016.

Sports Competitions with Highest Prize Money

In the recent, English Premier League signed a lucrative deal worth $8 billion (£5.136 billion) for its domestic TV rights. The contract is valid for a span of 3 years from 2016-2019. Besides this, a sum of about $5billion is supposed to be coming from the foreign team deals. This makes the accumulated sum be about $13billion. The total money will be distributed yearly for a span of 3 years to the TV money as well as the prize money. This means, even if the team finishes at the bottom (20th spot), it will still take home a sum of £100 million. On the other hand, the champions will bag £150 to £160 depending on a number of bonuses. Almost all the European Leagues bring home such humongous price of money. However, here we’ll focus on the competitions/Tournaments yielding highest price money in 2016.

Sports Competitions with Highest Prize Money:

1UEFA Champions LeagueFootballVaries (2014 total was+$1 billion)Varies (2015 winners Real Madrid got $64 million)
2Formula 1MotorSport$797.5mVaries (2014 winners Mercedez got $98.97m)
3FIFA World Cup Football$576m$35m
4European Championship Football$245m $29M
5World Series (MLB)BaseballVaries (2014 total pool was $66.5m)36% of total prize money pool (2014 winners got $22.5m)
6UEFA Europa LeagueFootballVaries (2014 total pool was $237m)Varies (2014 winners got Sevilla got$16.4m)
7Super Bowl NFL$11M
8FedEx CupGolf$35m$10m 
9World Series Poker Pokar$62m$10m
10Dubai World CupHorse Racing$10m
11FIFA Club World Cup$28m$7m 

These are the top 11 highest competitions that are expected to yield the massive price money to not just the teams but also to the players involved. It is known that Tennis has a huge price money involved as there are 4 grand slams – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. These tend to increase the overall price money of the pool.

Wimbledon is considered to be the highest paying tennis event where a sum of about $42.2m goes to the players and the singles winner gets $2.4 million each. The money is variable and depends on how far the player finishes.