Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth & Salary 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo has become a household name when it comes to football. This star player from Portugal has been excellent in the past 10 years. His performance has been consistent which makes him so special. There is a tough competition between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both in terms of performance and earnings. Cristiano Ronaldo has around 109 million Facebook followers and 40 million followers on Twitter. He is a supreme sportsman who is loved by all. His salary at Real Madrid has increased which makes him the highest paid footballer in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth & Salary 2016

Net Worth: Ronaldo is offered £15 million/year ($21.5m) which is his after-tax salary. Only Messi is the other footballer who is close to this salary amount.

Ronaldo holds the tag for the most endorsed footballer and has the 4th most lucrative endorsement deal in the world with the popular sports brand Nike. This deal is worth £14.1 million/year ($21m).

Ronaldo also has his own brand CR7 that offers branded clothes and shoes. There is a huge amount of $80 million involved in the CR7 hotel project that is active in 4 different cities.

Ronaldo Salary at Read Madrid:

This Portuguese footballer has a special contract with his current club Real Madrid. He is offered £288,000 a week (after tax) for his presence in the team. It means that, he earns around $21.5 million/year as salary! Let us check Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary record over the years.

Ronaldo Salary History

September 2013Ronaldo signed 5 years contract extension with Real Madrid in September 2013 making him highest paid player.£288,000 after tax£15 million after tax
July 2009Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 record £80 million. First 6 years contract has £183,000 a week salary and 25% increase every year to £556,000 a week in his final year£183,000 a week£9.5 million
June 2007In 2007 he signed 5 years deal worth £120,000-a-week with Manchester United.£120,000-a-week£6 million
August 2003He joined Manchester United in summer 2003 for £12.24m transferred from sporting. He has signed 5 years deal earning him mere £35,000 a week.£35,000 a week 


Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsements Deals:

NIKE£14.1million a year
Other brands like Armani, Konami, Tag Heuer, Samsung, Herbalife and several domestic Portuguese deals earn him around £7 to £8 million a year

– Check out his full endorsements deals contract here.

Ronaldo CR7 Endorsement deals 1

Ronaldo CR7 Endorsement deals 2

Ronaldo has also formed a good status of a businessman with the launch of his brand CR7. This brand deals with clothing, underwear and shoes. This brand helps him earn revenue between $6-10 million a year.

CR7 Underwear and Shoes: With earning huge bucks in Football, he has also planned after football life. He has his own CR7 Underwear and shoes line which is liked by his fans very much. These two businesses also earned him $6-$10 million/year.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth & Salary 2016

CR7 Hotels: He has also starting invested in Pestana Hotels. He has partnered with them and planned to start Hotels with CR7 branding with worth $80 million. He will built hotels in New York, Lisbon, Madrid and Funchal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth & Salary 2016