COPA America Centenario 2016 Prize Money – Winners, Runners-up

Copa America is celebrating its 100 years of successful soccer in South America which is named as Copa America Centenario which is taking place this June 2016 from 3rd-24th. This time, the prize money has also been increased to 100% in comparison to previous year. The $21.5 million to be distributed among top 8 teams who will qualify till quarter-final level. This time, there are 16 teams, 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF.

COPA America Centenario 2016 Prize Money

Copa America Centenario 2016 Prize Money: Conmebol who is organizing this year’s Copa America has announced the increased in prize money of 2016 edition. This is due to signing the big tv rights deal with Fox Sports in English and Univision in Spanish for the USA. These two tv rights deal with Fox and Univision has increased the prize money from $10 million to $21.5 million. This is also due to no. of teams taking part in this edition.

The prize money will be divided into top 8 teams who will qualify for the knockout round. 4 Teams who will lose in quarter-final will get each $1.5 million. The team who comes 4th in the competition will get $2.5 million, 3rd placed team will get $3 million. The winner of this competition will get $6.5 million and runners-up will bag $3.5 million.

In 2015 Copa America, only $10 million prize money is divided into 12 teams when Chile winner taking $4 million. Runners-up has taken $3 million. Third and fourth placed teams taken $2 million & $1 million respectively.

Copa Centenario 2016 Prize Money (total pool €21.5 million)

Quarterfinal losing teams$1.5 million$1.5 million each will be awarded to four quarterfinal losing teams
Fourth Place$2.5 millionLosing team in the third place playoff will get $2.5m
3rd Place Playoff Winners$3 millionWinners of third place playoff winner will pocket $3m.
Runners-up$3.5 millionLosing finalists will pocket $3.5m
Winners$6.6 millionEventual Champions will pocket $6.5 million