Chelsea sign £60m-a-year kit sponsorship deal with Nike

Chelsea kit sponsorship deal with Nike worth £60m/year: Even after Chelsea’s bad season in Premier League and missing out on Champions League qualification they are able to sign 60 million pounds kit sponsorship deal with Nike. They have replaced their previous kit supplier Adidas and has ended 6-year contract before its time. This deal is known to be most lucrative in the history of English Football History. This deal is the double £60m of what Adidas [£30m] has been paying Chelsea for per year kit sponsorship.

Chelsea sign £60m-a-year kit sponsorship deal with Nike

Diego Costa models his Adidas kit ahead of Chelsea’s final season with the German sportswear manufacturers

Chelsea kit sponsorship deal with Nike:

ContractYearly BonuesPerformance Bonus
10 Years (2017/18-2016-27)£45 million/year£15 million/year

Chelsea has to pay £40m to Adidas for ending the contract of six years before its completion. Hence, they have to pay compensation of £40m to Adidas. The Nike Deal with Chelsea will be active from July 2017 and will be for 10 years i.e. £600 million for 10 years. They have announced the kit deal end with Adidas last week which comes as a shock to many companies.

This is the first time when Blues miss out on Champions League money for qualification and coming 10th in Premier league. This is a big blow for them. The Deal with Nike has poured enough money in the club which helps them buying bigger players and compete with other European Clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This deal with Nike makes Chelsea the 2nd highest Kit Sponsorship deal club in the history of football even ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid who has £28m & £34m kit deal respectively. They are also ahead of Germany giant Bayern Munich who has the kit sponsorship deal of £42.5m per year with Adidas.

Now Only Manchester United are ahead of Blues who has the highest kit sponsorship deal signed with Adidas of worth £75m per year. The other Premier League teams have nothing near to Chelsea and Man United in Kit Sponsorship.

– Arsenal earning £30 million-a-year from Puma
– Liverpool currently earning £25 million-a-year from Warrior Sports
– Manchester City is earning less than one-fourth at 12 million-a-year with Nike.

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia has made this deal possible with Nike which will put the positive impact on Club Finances and buy big players. They have also £40m-a-year Yokohama partnership and the £10m-a-year training kit deal with Carabao.

Top 5 Premier Lague Kit Deal- 2015-16

Manchester United

– Kit deal Adidas, worth £75m per season.
– Sponsor Chevrolet, worth £47m per season.

Total £122m per season.


– Kit deal Adidas, worth £30m.
– Sponsor Yokohama Tyres, worth £40m.

Total £70m.

Manchester City

– Kit deal Nike, worth £12m.
– Sponsor Etihad, worth £40m.

Total £62m.


– Kit deal Puma, worth £30m.
– Sponsor Fly Emirates, worth £30m.

Total £60m.


– Kit deal New Balance, worth £28m.
– Sponsor Standard Chartered, worth £25m.

Total £53m.


– Kit deal Under Armour, worth £10m.
– Sponsor AIA, worth £16m.

Total £26m.