Capital One Cup Prize Money 2016 (£100,000 for Winners)

Man City won the Capital One League Cup 2016 from Liverpool at Wembley Stadium on 28th Feb. Liverpool and Man City Played at 1-1 Final score but City bags the match by 1-3 on penalties. In the Capital One Cup 2015 final, Chelsea defeated the local rivals Tottenham. This proved to be their first silverware of under Jose Mourinho. Throughout the game, Chelsea showcased an excellent performance and proved to be a dominant player. Goals from players like John Terry and Diego Costa helped Chelsea secure its victory of 2-0. Now, the real question, in fact, is, how much do these Capital One Cup winners actually get a price money?

Capital One Cup Prize Money

To put it in simple words, it is not a very lucrative sum and is just a mere £100,000. This sum is awarded to the winning team by the English FA. Runner-ups, on the other hand, make about £50,000. Surprisingly, this is almost equal to the average weekly wage of the players in the premier league.

The world of English football is quite thrilling and exciting. There are several tournaments which offer a great platform for various teams to prove their power and capabilities. Football League Cup or Capital One Cup has been reigning since 1960. Over the years, this competition has seen several changes but the format is still the same. There are in total 72 teams from the Football League along with 20 teams from the English Premier League. This makes this contest an excellent stage for both upper and lower league teams to make a strong mark.

How Much A Can Team Make In Capital One Cup?

  • For the home away match, the team gets 45% gate receipt from Round 1 to Wembley Final
  • A portion of the broadcasting money goes to the team whose matches are aired live on the UK Time
  • The winner of the Capital One cup gets a sum of £100,000 and the runner up gets £50,000
  • In case the winners and runner ups qualify throughout the league system they get the Europe League place

Price money for the Capital One cup starts from the round 1 and it goes on further like that. The winner of the round 1 gets £5,000, winner of the round 2 gets £7,000, winners of the round 3 get £10,000 and the winner of the round 4 gets £15,000. Lastly, the semifinal winners bag about £25,000.

It is to be noted that the major chunk of the money for the team comes from the gates receipts. It is there that the finalist gets about 45% of the Wembley final ticket money. When Bradford reached the final they got somewhere around £1million in gate receipts and television cash, on the other hand, Chelsea and Tottenham pulled the far better crowd and bagged a higher TV money.

Both the teams managed to take home £1 million each from their final showdown in the capital One Cup. The sharing of this gate receipts starts right from the first round matches and in every match the receipt is shared at 45% each. If the match is between both home and away clubs an amount equal to 10% goes to FA.

This is one big reason why the lower league teams always hope for a draw with a top premier league team. Moreover, if the low league team happens to win the cup they can take part in the Europa League.

The Capital One Cup 2015-16 final would be played between Liverpool and Manchester City on 28th February 2016 at Wembley Stadium, London. The stakes are quite high for this final match. Liverpool has won this title 8 times and would be aiming to grab the title one more time. Looking at the performance, Manchester City holds a good control over the final match. The match day would decide who wins the prize money along with the shining cup!

Capital One Cup Prize Money 2016: Man City Winner

RoundPrize money
Round 1£5,000
Round 2£7,000
Round 3£10,000
Round 4£15,000
Final Winners/losers£100,000 / £50,000