Can Dhoni and Co Give 5-0 series win Diwali gift to India

Can Dhoni and Co Give 5-0 series win Diwali gift to India: After an awesome 3-0 win over New Zealand in the test series at home, Indian cricket team seems to be in an unbeatable form. The way they have demolished New Zealand in the series was just awesome and the first one-day match also displayed what India is up to. So with all the current form of the players as individually and simultaneously giving their part of the team, it seems not a difficult task to accomplish. The last match of this ODI series will be played on 29th OCT which will be just before Diwali 2016 which is on 30 Oct. So If India wins the series people will be happy and they will celebrate more cheerfully. On Diwali, Send Diwali Messages to your friend wishing Deepavali and India Series win. 

Can Dhoni and Co Give 5-0 series win Diwali gift to India

Under the brilliant coaching by Anil Kumble and captain M.S Dhoni who is also the 2nd most successful captain now in the world history, India seems to be in better position than the New Zealand team. Indian team has an additional plus point in the ODI series of playing at the home ground and hence they know about the Indian sub-continent pitches condition better than the kiwis. And this they have just shown in the recently concluded test series.

When both of the teams are compared to their previous encounters in the past, Indian teams have a better advantage than the kiwis in the Indian subcontinent pitches, but when compared to the outside it is almost a tie with 15-15 wins for each side.

So as the statics also claim that Team India is very strong on the papers right now and also the previous records are favoring India, so it’s now a great chance for India to just repeat what they have done in the Test series and clean sweep the New Zealand by 5-0.

It will be a great gift that they can offer to the nation on the occasion of Diwali. Although India has done a clean sweep too many good teams in India, so this doesn’t seem too difficult for them to do it again against a good team such as New Zealand.

Also, it will add another milestone to the awesome career record of captaincy for M.S Dhoni. Though cricket is not a game you can just predict sitting at home, even a very good cricket expert can just not go with the previous record and encounters.

Every day is a new day and hence the players come to the field with a different mindset so you just can’t say that who is going to win and which team is going to lose.

Everyone has an almost equal chance, it’s one who takes all the opportunities wins the match. So with a very good luck, we can just hope that all the players do their best and may we win by 5-0 this Diwali.