Biggest Sports Brands In Terms Revenue In 2016 (Nike, Adidas)

In today’s world, sports have become synonyms to money. Thus, it is imperative for us to think that sports brands like Nike, Adidas as well as SkySports are spending a major chunk of their revenue on sports and sportsmen and the revenue that they get must be equally high. Here we have compared some of the biggest brands in terms of competition and the revenue earned by them.

Biggest Sports Brands


– Market Value: $65.8 Billion (as of May 2014)
– Industry: Sports Apparel/Accessories
– Sales: $27 billion (in 2014)

Nike has taken over about 65% of the market share of the sports industry in America. They have also set up a huge base in the European as well as the world sports market since last one decade or so. It is regarded as the 25 most valuable brands from across the world and has a yearly revenue of about $27 billion a year.


– Market Value: $22.7 billion (may 2014)
– Industry: Sports Apparel/Accessories
– Sales: $19.2 billion (2014)

Adidas is the Germany sports apparel and accessory company. It is a close competitor to Nike in the sports industry. For the best part of last 20 years, the two have been in a cat and mouse game. The brand not just occupies a major share of the American sports market but is also dominant in the European sports industry. They are the official brand for FIFA world cup since last 30 years.


– Market Value: $13.5 billion (May 2014)
– Industry: Sports Media/advertising
– Revenue: $8.2 billion (2014)

Next is ESPN which is regarded as the world leader in both the sports as well as the media industry. Launched in the year 1979 in the USA, ESPN set a benchmark for itself in the years that followed and has been following the same success rate ever since. ESPN covers all the key sports events in the United States since last few decades. They have affiliate networks in other parts of the world too.


– Market Value: $15billion+
– Industry: Sports Media/Advertising
– Revenue: $7 to $8 billion yearly on average in 2014

The British Sky Sports is definitely the biggest TV media network not just in UK and Europe but also in the world around. They have a huge share in the UK media and the rights of the broadcasting also belong to them. The sky is also a global network and has affiliates across the globe.


– Industry: Sports Equipment (Manufacturing & Retail)

Under Armour is a new name in the sports equipment industry but they have definitely made a good space for themselves. Growing at a high speed in the US, they are expanding in European countries too.

Biggest Sports Events:

1. Super Bowl ($580 million USD)
2. Summer Olympics ($348 million USD)
3. Winter Olympics ($285 million USD)
4. FIFA World Cup ($229 million USD)
5. WrestleMania ($170 million USD)


1. Tiger Woods ($30 Million USD)
2. Phil Mickelson ($28 million USD)
3. (tie) LeBron James ($27 million USD)
3. (tie) Roger Federer ($27 million)
4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ($21 million)

Biggest Sports Teams

1. New York Yankees ($661 million USD)
2. Los Angeles Lakers ($521 million USD)
3. Dallas Cowboys ($497 million USD)
4. New England Patriots ($465 million USD)
5. Real Madrid ($464 million USD)