Confirmed: Barcelona seal €100million world’s biggest kit deal with Nike

Barcelona seal €100million world’s biggest kit deal with Nike: The All leagues football season have nearly ended and various clubs are busy in finding the right kit sponsorship deal for their club to get big money and sign the best players in their team. Recently, According to reports, Barcelona has signed the world’s biggest kit sponsorship deal of €100 million [£80 million] passing Manchester United who has £75 million [€97 million]. They have almost sealed the deal and will announce in 2-3 weeks.

Barcelona seal €100million world's biggest kit deal with Nike

One of the great innovations of the agreement that is being finalized outline is that Barca recover assets transferred to a Nike , the ‘licensing’ ability to grant licenses to any branded product does not have to Barca do with sports gear. Nike manages, through a joint venture with the azulgrana organization, and paid an amount as ‘royalty’ and the club, once a product sale, Barca got a second income. Now, who will directly manage the club.

Barcelona seal €100million world’s biggest kit deal with Nike:

10 years (2017/18-2016/27)€100million€1 billion

This kit is known to be the world’s biggest kit sponsorship deal after Man United deal with Adidas. Barcelona has been paid reportedly €100 million per year in the total of 10 years contract and it sums up to €1 billion. It gives Barcelona huge increase in comparison to €33 million per year deal previously.

They will get the huge amount of money this season after winning the La Liga season, and qualifying for Semi-Finals and now Nike Kit Deal and Qatar Airways Shirt deal will give them the huge amount of money.

Recently Chelsea has also signed £60 million per year Kit Deal with Nike after terminating the contract with Adidas. These extra funds will help them make their midfield more strong and get a striker for them as well if they sell Neymar.

They have also decided to renew the contract with Qatar for one more year. This shirt deal with Barcelona shows the rivalry between Nike and Adidas to sign the team.

Note: Real Madrid has also been linked to kit sponsorship deal of £1bn from the start of this year but it is yet to be announced. If they sign this deal, then it will break all kit sponsorship deal records and also surpass Barcelona even after signing this Nike deal. Los Blancos has also linked with 10-year deal. Reports claimed that the German brand was to pay Los Blancos €140m each year.