Barcelona-Qatar Airways Shirt Sponsorship Deal Worth €60m a year

The Football club, Barcelona has entered into a record-breaking shirt sponsorship extension deal of €60m a year with Qatar Airways. This renewal deal has extended their contract up to the 2018-2019 season. It is today the second most expensive deal in the history of FC only behind the deal signed between American Car Company, Chevrolet and Manchester United. Let’s check out the financial details of the sponsorship deal signed between the two.

Update: For the season 2019-2020 Barcelona kept their eyes on Pepsi to sign their new shirt sponsorship deal, If they are not agreed with Qatar in next renewal. Barcelona executives are in a talk with Pepsi representatives in Super Bowl 50 match on 7 Feb 2016. Man United sponsorship deal with Chevrolet is worth £53 million per season. While Real Madrid deal with Emirates is worth only £25 million per season.

Barcelona-Qatar Airways Shirt Sponsorship Deal Worth €60m a year

The team is not just winning several trophies and accolades on the pitch but is also signing several lucrative deals off the pitch. The current sponsorship deal between Barcelona and Qatar Airways has meant for a span of 5 years from 2011 to 2016. However, with the change in financial terms a new contract of 3 years is signed that will last till the 2018 to 2019 season. Major changes in the financial terms of the deal have doubled the revenue of team, from €30 million a year to a lucrative €60 million a year.

Earlier there were also reports that suggested that Barcelona might not renew the contract with Qatar Airways and hunt for fresh sponsors post the expiry of the contract. This was mainly because of the accusation on Qatar about the “wretched track record on human rights” by building new stadiums for the world cup of 2022. But with Barcelona’s decision to stick to Qatar, all mouths against Qatar have been shut.

FC Barcelona-Qatar Airways Shirt Sponsorship Deal Extension


Barcelona are reportedly close to finalising their new shirt sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways, according to a report in Spanish media

The annual sum of €60 million a year will mean an additional revenue generation of about€240 million over the span of 4 years for the team. Besides this sum, the team will also fetch 2 bonuses. The bonuses earned by the team include €5m for winning champions League and the €2m for winning La Liga. Definitely this deal with Qatar Airways is highly profitable for the team. Of course the gems, Manchester United fetch the highest in their sponsorship deal but the arch rivals of Barcelona – Real Madrid is in a shirt sponsorship deal with the Fly Emirates. This deal initiated in 2014-2019 and is valid for a span of 5 years. It generates an additional revenue of about £20 million per year for the team. Who knows, with the grand performances of the teams in the pitch, which one beats the other in the years to come? It is only for the time to tell!

Sponsorship deals between Barcelona and Qatar Airways

4 Years (2015-19)€60 million a year (£44m)€240 million€5m for winning champions League
€2m for winning La Liga